Maia Productions is a creative factory of visual arts and events promotion.

The founder, Juliana Barros Maia is a Brazilian performer, video maker and photographer. She started her career in 2008, at first organising corporate and cultural events and later on, from 2010, creating audio and video productions.
As a performer in São Paulo, Brazil, most of her work revolves about the transformation of the environment into something else, in a way that allows the audience to interact with her or with her installations.
As a producer, working mostly in São Paulo but also throughout Brazil, her work has included: researching on the field or remotely, producing on or off set; as an executive producer she has also worked a lo from behind a desk while, as a set producer, she has directed her crew, working hard in the field.
From 2010 until 2014, she has mostly worked in the areas of audio and video creations but also, as an events coordinator for small to big organisations. In 2011, she also began with photography, measuring her skills during some photo shoots, when she had the right equipment in her hands.
In 2014, Juliana left Brazil for Amsterdam, the Netherlands, willing to start a new chapter in her career as a video maker and photographer by further studying photography and refining her video techniques.